The John Butler Trio

Rank: 1 | Times Listened: 3296 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 10597930 | Total listeners: 455849

The John Butler Trio Photo The John Butler Trio is an eclectic roots/jam band from Australia led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler. They have independently released five studio albums, the last three of which debuted at #1 in Australia, and have had eight Top 40 singles. Having developed a great reputation as a live act, the band have also released three live albums. Apart from their little-known debut album, all of their releases have been on Jarrah Records, co-owned by Butler and The Waifs. Read more about The John Butler Trio on

Newton Faulkner

Rank: 2 | Times Listened: 1987 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 8174857 | Total listeners: 510098

Newton Faulkner Photo Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner (born January 11, 1985) is an English singer-songwriter and musician from Reigate, Surrey, UK. Known for his rhythmic guitar playing, Faulkner came to prominence in 2007, with the release of his debut studio album, Hand Built By Robots. The album was certified double platinum in the United Kingdom, and yielded the singles, Dream Catch Me, I Need Something and Teardrop. Read more about Newton Faulkner on

The Cat Empire

Rank: 3 | Times Listened: 1608 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 9301008 | Total listeners: 332590

The Cat Empire Photo The Cat Empire is a six-piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound has been described as a fusion of , , and with heavy / influences (not to mention , and ). Currently, the Cat Empire consists of Ollie McGill (keyboard and backing vocals), Ryan Monro (bass and backing vocals), Felix Riebl (percussion and vocals), Harry James Angus (trumpet and vocals), Will Hull-Brown (drums), and Jamshid "Jumps" Khadiwhala (decks, percussion). Read more about The Cat Empire on

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rank: 4 | Times Listened: 1178 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 8836430 | Total listeners: 414229

Rodrigo y Gabriela Photo Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero are two Mexicans with a unique sound created on . Their music is difficult to define, straddling both and and often imbued with timeless Hispano – classical influences. The fire in their music comes from their life-long passion for music. In spring 2006, “Rodrigo y Gabriela,” beat both the Arctic Monkeys AND Johnny Cash to number one in the Irish charts. Both the artists and their third self–titled album have gone on to enjoy international success since its initial release in early 2006. Read more about Rodrigo y Gabriela on

Janelle Monáe

Rank: 5 | Times Listened: 1110 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 13536463 | Total listeners: 411261

Janelle Monáe Photo Janelle Monáe is a U.S. singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, and performer. Monáe was born Janelle Monáe Robinson on 1st December 1985 in Kansas City, Kansas. She moved to New York to study theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Her original plan was to pursue a career on Broadway, but she soon changed her mind and returned to music. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2003, Monáe founded the Wondaland Arts Society with like-minded young artists, and made a couple of appearances on OutKast's 2006 album Idlewild... Read more about Janelle Monáe on


Rank: 6 | Times Listened: 959 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 1222086 | Total listeners: 144861

Reef Photo Although all of REEF have west country connections, especially to the Glastonbury area of Somerset, England, it wasn't until they all independently moved to London that the band was formed. In 1993 while Gary and Jack were looking for band members, Kenwyn had met up with Dominic Greensmith in London and discussed forming a band. So, the foursome got together, got a house in West London and started to jam. Read more about Reef on

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rank: 7 | Times Listened: 931 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 248440719 | Total listeners: 4154623

Red Hot Chili Peppers Photo The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a band based in Hollywood, California and were formed in 1983, in Los Angeles, California. The band currently consists of founding members Anthony Kiedis (vocals) and Michael "Flea" Balzary (bass) along with a longtime member Chad Smith (drums). Guitarist John Frusciante quietly left the band on good terms in late 2008. On January 2, 2010, Josh Klinghoffer was announced as Frusciante's replacement. Read more about Red Hot Chili Peppers on

Jack Johnson

Rank: 8 | Times Listened: 855 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 109405167 | Total listeners: 2298280

Jack Johnson Photo Jack Hody Johnson (born May 18, 1975 in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii) is a singer-songwriter, accomplished professional surfer and filmmaker who has achieved critical and commercial success and a dedicated following since he first appeared on G. Love & Special Sauce's album Philadelphonic. The release of his 2001 debut album, Brushfire Fairytales, further cemented his popularity and he has since released four more successful albums including 2003's On and On, 2005's In Between Dreams, 2008's Sleep Through the Static and 2010's To The Sea. Read more about Jack Johnson on


Rank: 9 | Times Listened: 833 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 3730815 | Total listeners: 308117

Bitter:Sweet Photo Bitter:Sweet is an electronic/trip-hop duo with jazz-like qualities from Los Angeles. The band is comprised of Shana Halligan, who provides vocals and lyrics and composes the songs, and Kiran Shahani, who produces and composes the songs. The duo was formed in 2005 when Halligan answered a Craigslist ad for a singer posted by Shahani, who had previously founded the Supreme Beings Of Leisure. Their 11-track debut album, The Mating Game, was released April 4, 2006 under Quango Music Group and has been reviewed and recognized by several magazine publications, such as Urb and People. Read more about Bitter:Sweet on

Xavier Rudd

Rank: 10 | Times Listened: 748 | Worldwide Scrobbles: 5430354 | Total listeners: 305475

Xavier Rudd Photo Xavier Rudd (born 1978) is a ful Australian surf/roots artist from Torquay, Victoria (Australia), which is near the famous surfing location, Bells Beach. Rudd's music is compassionate and always manages to render emotion in his fans. His songs include stories of the mistreatment of the indigenous people of his homeland; they tell of humanity, spirituality or the environment. The songs are written and sung with compassion and they urge the celebration of life. Read more about Xavier Rudd on

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The data displayed on this page is pulled from my account, and shows my top-listened to artists. This isn’t actually a very fair representation, as it takes music over the past five years into account; my listening trends have obviously changed since then and old data has definitely skewed these stats. However, it’s interesting to come back every now and then and actually see how often I have music plugged into my ears.

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